Action against Deforestation
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Action Against Deforestation is a space that seeks to break the paradigm of workshops, combining research with action to combat the causes of deforestation in Colombia. We organize meetings to discuss the factors that influence deforestation, as well as forums with guests that promote concrete initiatives to stop this phenomenon. Additionally, we seek to actively participate in non-academic media such as social networks through infographics, documents, podcasts, and others. Currently, we are working on deforestation in the Colombian Amazon.

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This workshop, although it was born by the initiative of economics students from the Universidad de los Andes, is open to other students and professionals of any discipline and from any place. We have the deep conviction that collaboration and diverse construction is essential to solve the problem of deforestation, in which multiple socioeconomic, ecological and community aspects overlap.


For now, we invite you to be in our meetings both internal and with guests. If you want to participate, please contact us on our social networks or our email address: Acció We are waiting for you!