Student Representatives

Gabriela Bulla Jaramillo

I am an economics student and student representative of the economics faculty. I am here because I have always been concerned with helping to solve problems, create better spaces for my personal development and that of others, and help raise my voice to those who need it.  

Juan Manuel Navarro Romero

I am a happy, sociable and fun person. I like coffee, beer and soccer. I am a fan of Atlético Bucaramanga. I like to help.

Juan Sebastián Puerto Sanz

When we were little we all wanted to be astronauts, footballers, inventors. In short: we wanted to change the world. Well, I think that studying economics is the adult version of this desire, it is realizing that real life problems can be a little more difficult than we thought, that there are no unique answers but it is above all not to stop being children , do not stop believing. For you in what you need, always to order.

Camila Rivera Parra

I love working for the well-being of people. I have several hobbies like reading psychology books and exercising. I study economics and art history with an option in the Portuguese language. I love being able to talk to people, listen to them, and help them where I can.